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    Adios amigos...

    Dart Dragoon
    Dart Dragoon
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    Shadow Legionnaire

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    Adios amigos... Empty Adios amigos...

    Post  Dart Dragoon on Sat May 09, 2009 7:05 pm

    I wont go into teary details, this has been something I've actually had to face a restless night over (and if anyone realises the importance of a healthy sleep, you'll know how bad this is)

    I've been in this team ever since Nakago first decided to re-open the gates of LVL after shutting it down. In short, there are no words to express my feelings when I was appointed Admin. But...with the passage of time I;ve come to realise my own ideals, and they're not in LVL...not anymore at least.

    So far, Im not going to be part of any other team...no, leaving lvl is bad enough.

    As far as my exploits go, everything I have done so far that might've helped lift the team is still in its original intention. I became Top Duelist, and that I owe to my time in the League.

    I guess this is lenghty enough...farewell my dear Valor League! Keep safe, stay united and help shine the name that is the Legionnaire's Valor League: The Shadow Conclave.
    Shadow Legionnaire
    Shadow Legionnaire

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    Adios amigos... Empty Re: Adios amigos...

    Post  Assassin on Sat May 09, 2009 7:15 pm

    I knew about this too Sad

    Anyway, all that i have to say to Dart is - c ya

    But to LVLSC i have something to say

    Dart Dragoon = The person who is truely running LVLSC...
    Thats how u see it. And it is no doubt true
    But that should not the reason u leave LVLSC too... Don't leave LVLSC giving a reason that without Dart LVLSC cannot exist - That is not wat Dart wants

    If we work together in helping NK I am sure he will be able to run LVLSC despite the fact that he has a lot of work in BC and KC is opening...

    If we work together we can take LVLSC to the top without Dart Dragoon

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