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    The Legend of the Six

    Amnael de Zang
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    The Legend of the Six Empty The Legend of the Six

    Post  Amnael de Zang on Mon Mar 30, 2009 8:32 am

    This is the fanfiction I started in BC, I said I was going to bring it here.. so here it is xD

    Ahmm.. if you haven't read it.. hope you like it... if you have been following the chapters, sorry I haven't post the 5th yet... I will I promise.. as soon as time lets me sit down and write xD

    Anyways... Chapter 1 is here! Smile

    The Legend of the Six
    by Amnael de Zang

    There’s a legend tell about six mighty warriors… all of them with an unique skill in battle and also a will to protect their friends as no-one other could never do. The all six warriors were trained by now an old man, an old man that was full of knowledge on sword techniques, he taught everything to them, from literature and aiming with long range weapons up to the swords techniques. Each one of them had mastered the best skill they had in combat, they never fought alone, and they never left a friend behind.

    This is now where the legend I’m about to tell you starts. The legend of six brave warriors that saved a world that was dominated by darkness and pain ruled all…

    Chapter I. Endymion, the City of Darkness

    It was a cold morning of April when a young man suddenly woke up; he was covered in sweat and was breathing deeply and fast, after cleaning some of the sweat drops that came from his forehead he sighed.

    - “Again I’m having this dream… It’s been now 2 nights since I started to see this dream… No… it is not a dream but a Nightmare…”-the young told to him softly as he got up and stretched.

    After taking a bath the young moved to the town where he usually worked. The streets of the once mighty city “Endymion” were now full of poor people and thieves. The city once was ruled by sages, with their infinite knowledge they worked together to make the city progress all together; people used to live in joy and had no bad feeling for anyone, everyone was so humble at that time…

    But suddenly one day, a stranger came inside the city. He was wearing nothing more than a black leather suit and a big sword that crossed all over his back. A few was known about him, they said he was a great dragon seeker and destroyer, that he was a hero that only appeared when a city ran into the danger of a dragon attack. Quickly he was taken to the ultimate wizards and sages that ruled the entire city.

    - “Oh! Might sages! The tragedy is coming to your city!”- The warrior said.

    The sages looked into confusion to each other until one of they finally spoke. “And who are you, why are you advising tragedy to a village full with graceful and joy?”

    - “A dragon is coming this way, is a big one… it already destroyed 2 cities before coming in this direction, I’m trying to stop…” – the warrior was suddenly cut by the other wizard dressing in white contrary to his counterpart dressing in black.

    - “You don’t have to worry, there doesn’t exist a creature or thing that can pass over Endymion, you don’t have to worry about it… oh brave warrior” – he said confident.

    - “But you don’t understand this is a different dragon, not like others, it has an aura of hate… an aura full with darkness, a darkness that could blow even the strongest light, I suggest you to leave and evacuate all the town, while there’s still time! And let it in my hands!”

    - “Ok.. Let’s say hypothetically… this dragon could get over the city defense… what are you going to do with a dragon you couldn’t stop before on other cities?” – The sage dressing in black asked cold.

    - “I don’t know what I’m going to do, but you must go!” – The warrior said in mad.

    - “Your answer is not enough… we will not go… and the dragon will be destroyed by the city defenses… Enough said” – A third wizard was hearing them finally spoke – “We are not leaving we can fight any creature” – He was in extreme confident.

    - “You must be the Dark Magician everyone talks about, you must be the one who better understand with your wisdom when a problem comes”

    - “Yeah and I’m seeing it right now here in front of us… you cannot trick me Dai Grepher… or should I call you… ‘The messenger of Darkness’?”- he looked straight to the warrior’s eyes.

    The warrior stepped back and looked at them, his eyes then turned red and his pale color of skin now was dark as the moonless night. He put his hand over his sword and pulled it out to reveal a dark aura covering it. After moving it to the front of him the dark aura shoot a beam full with the same energy to the ground bellow them, and 3 dark figures appeared.

    - “Why have you summoned us…? I thought you said you could do it by yourself…” – One of the dark figures laugh deep and dark.

    - “The opponent is one I never thought I could find my master… he is the Dark Magician…” – Grepher inmediattly answered.

    The Dark figure looked up and smiled in darkness. His red scarlet eyes looked deep into the purple and strong eyes of the magician, he then laugh and without saying something more he put a gold trident up and used a lightning strike directly to the white sage. The dark sage ran in help of his partner and took the stroke as the Dark Magician and the White Magician looked wordless how their companion was killed in one hit and then absorbed into the trident.

    - “Then you must be the lord of the Dark World… Reign-Beaux!” - The Dark Magician finally said and before he could move the other shadow figure was behind him with a knife over his throat – “Gah…”.

    - “I’m sorry but the city now belongs to us… the three of Darkness…” – The voice said calm and almost kindly.

    - “Freed… I thought you promised you would never join the Dark Forces…” – He tried to reason with him.

    - “As Grepher, Freed was difficult to control… but at the end with a little of patience… and the right scientist you can make everything work…” – The third dark figure said – “Because only I… Kozaky can do it…”

    The Dark Magician and his White companion and student were captured by the dark forces that fatidic day. Since then the city started to be ruled by the greed, the darkness and the pain. It never could return to the utopia it was once. Assassins sent by the Lord of Darkness killed all the resistance and oppressed the rest of the town.

    The people was running about and there was nothing they could do, the city defenses were de-activated and the might dragon of darkness flew all over until getting to the big castle in the middle and lied down over the main roof. He was the symbol of the dark power that watched all the city…
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    The Legend of the Six Empty Re: The Legend of the Six

    Post  Nina Williams on Sun May 10, 2009 11:07 pm

    It's a good Fan Fiction , the description is amazing , but some times you over described the character or the situation ! events are bit boring and sleepy but you can Fix That ! waiting for more ! Smile

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